A rare tornado in Cuba kills three people and leave over 170 injured.

Widespread destruction as the scene looks like “a horror movie” and “had the sound of a jet engine”, residents of Havana says after a rare tornado in Cuba blasts the Cuban capital on Sunday night.

Three dead and at least 172 are injured as the tornado, caused by a potent storm that originated in the Gulf of Mexico, hits Havava with winds of up to 100 kilometres p/hour, as the local press has reported.

The Cuban’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel says the damage is “severe”, first to hit the city in decades, and described as an “extraordinary” event.

A part of the city is completely in the dark since last Sunday, strong winds destroyed buildings and caused flooding in many different areas of Havana, littered streets with debris. The powerful twister overturned vehicles and rooted out trees, knocked down power poles. The coastal areas have been evacuated.

cars covered in debris

“From one moment to the next, we heard a noise like an aeroplane falling out of the sky. The first thing I did was go hug my daughters,” a local man told The Associated Press.

It seems that it had been 79 years since a strong tornado hit Cuba, and no one was prepared for the sudden eruption of chaos.

The exact force of the tornado and the size of the damage are still being evaluated.