How fees are calculated

Basic Fees

Insertion fee
When you list an item on GG, you may be charged a listing (or insertion) fee. If applicable, you’re charged one insertion fee per listing, regardless of the quantity of items. You will receive one insertion fee credit for each auction-style listing for which you paid an insertion fee if that listed item sells (exclusions apply).

All sellers get free-insertion-fee listings the first month (restrictions and exclusions apply).

Transaction fees

When you make a sale on GreenGuuds, you will be charged a transaction fee of 13% of the item price. This percentage does not include the shipping cost or tax. Transaction fees are added to your bill.

Insertion fees for your first month are free (exclusions apply).
Up to 5 pictures per listing are free, including zoom and enlarge features.

Insertion fee (per listing, for any duration) Final value fee (per transaction)
Your first month Free 13% of the total amount of the sale. Maximum fee is €750
All additional listings EUR €0.30

Final value fee
If the item sells, you’re charged a final value fee. Final value fees are calculated based on the total amount of the sale and are charged per item.

The total amount of the sale is the final price of the item, shipping charges, and any other amounts you may charge the buyer. Sales tax is not included.

Each insertion on GreenGuuds costs €0.30 EUR when the listing is published. A listing lasts until the item is sold out. Listing fees are added to your bill.

You can easily renew expired or sold insertion if you like.  The fee for renewing a listing is €0.30 EUR. Renewal fees are added to your bill.


Advanced listing upgrade fees
If you add advanced listing upgrades to your listing, fees apply. Not all listing upgrades are available with every listing tool. Ad fees will be clearly outlined before you commit to purchasing an ad. Advertising fees are added to your bill.

Payment processing fees

Payment processing fees may vary by location of your bank and are applied to each order completed via Checkout.

Payment processing fees are deducted from funds available for deposit and are charged in the currency in which you receive your funds.

Supplemental service fees
If you use supplemental services, charges associated with these services may be included on your seller invoice as fees.

Attention New Seller – GreenGuuds, shipping and Paypal fees

There are a lot of fees involved with selling on GreenGuuds. There are GreenGuuds fees as well as Paypal fees. There are also shipping costs to be considered when listing an item. If you are new to selling on GreenGuuds (and even if you aren’t) I am hoping to give you a little insight.

We all know that there are no fees associated with listing an item for sale on GreenGuuds during the launch. Some people do not realize the fees (especially the buyers). GreenGuuds provides tables to show you how these fees are calculated. The base listing fees are calculated on a kind of ‘tier’ system (your final listing fee is affected by choices you make to improve your listing) and are based on the opening price, fixed price or reserve price of your item. Pay special attention to the listing fee tiers! One penny can make a big difference in what your fee will be! For instance, if you want to sell an item for €25, list that item at €24.99. If you look at the table, €24.99 and €25.00 are in two different tiers (€25.00 costing more).

If you accept Paypal, make sure you upgrade to the Premier Account level in order to accept credit card payments – else you are cutting off a lot of potential buyers! If you do not sell many items every month, however, you will not need to do this – Paypal’s basic account allows 10 payment receipts with no fees. Once you have Paypal’s Premier Account you will be charged Paypal fees when someone pays you with it. Paypal’s Premier Account charges an automatic 30 cents right off the bat on any payment plus 3% of the payment. That 3% applies not only to the final sale price of the item, but also to the shipping charges and any other charges (such as sales tax) they have paid you. For example, if you sell an item for €20 and charge €4 for shipping, your Paypal fee will be €1.02 (3% of €24 is €0.72 plus the automatic $€.30). When you are selling items with a low value, that automatic 30 cents can really hurt! I am not trying to bash Paypal, I actually only take Paypal, I just want you to be aware.

When it comes to shipping, I say to take full advantage of the Handling Fee feature on the Sell Your Item page (in the shipping section) when creating your listing. There are more costs to shipping an item than just the postage.

If you are shipping using Priority Mail and using Priority Mail boxes and such, then you are keeping your costs down. Priority Mail shipping supplies are free, you only have to worry about the cost of the packing material. Also, if you ship Priority online (through Paypal or USPS) then delivery confirmation is free.

If you ship by any other means you will have to purchase shipping vices such as boxes or bubble mailers. You also have the expense of packing material. These costs should be offset by charging your customer a handling fee. When you create your listing you can set this fee and your customer never sees it…only you see it. It does affect the final shipping fee that they do see, so don’t go overboard! No one wants to pay a high shipping charge…and GreenGuuds is cracking down on sellers who charge too much for shipping.

I use a variety of things to ship to my customers but I use the bubble mailers the most. My bubble mailers cost me anywhere from 20 to 30 cents a piece (depending on the size). Therefore I make sure I include the 30 cents in my handling fee. If it is a larger item that requires a box that cost me €2.50, I include €2.50 in my handling fee for that item.

When you ship something 1st Class through Paypal you are charged a fee of €0.18 for delivery confirmation. There is no way to avoid this fee. Therefore make sure to include the 18 cents in my handling fee.

Handling fees can also help you recover costs such as your time (yes, your time has value!), shipping labels, tape, and gas. But like I said before, do not go overboard – be practical and fair – you want your potential customer to hit the Bid/Buy button, not the Back button!

An example – A typical 1st Class Mail bubble mailer shipment for me carries a 50-55 cent handling fee. This covers the cost of the bubble mailer (30 cents) and the delivery confirmation fee (18 cents), with the extra 2-7 cents to cover my time, shipping labels, tape and gas (fortunately I live very close to the post office). I have also set my preferences to combine shipping, and I can set how much extra to charge for each additional item without charging the customer my handling fee again.

I hope that this article helps out at least a few new sellers. I did not take the time to search this information out when I first opened my store. I wish I had…it would have saved me some time and more importantly, money. I bumped around for a while before I figured some of this stuff out. If I think of anything else, I will be sure to update the information here.

Good Luck and Happy Selling!