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10 easy ways to recycle cardboard: recycle cardboard at home

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    Recycle carton box with creative recycling, and transform them into lamps and toys for children

    Lamps, organizers for drawers and furniture, games for children and curious decorations: with the “do it yourself” even a cardboard box becomes a surprising gadget

    Cardboard is a material that is everywhere in our daily lives and one of those we make a bad use when, instead, it can be recycled in many ways.

    Cardboard (e.g. the boxes with which we receive packages from online stores), most of the time, is set aside or thrown away incorrectly. But, then, why not start and recycle cardboard to create various accessories for your home?

    The potential of recycling cardboard into home furniture and accessories, see how to recycle cardboard at home.

    It seems impossible, but cardboard has great creative potential. Upcycling, for example, paper cartons is a good ecological idea to furnish your home. We are talking about a light, flexible, practical, malleable, resistant and 100% recyclable material that gives the home a singular and unique creative touch.

    Even in the world of furniture and design several top design brands, have opted to recycle cardboard for the production of cardboard furniture that is easy to assemble, unleashing the imagination and giving a considerable impact to the trends of the moment.

    So, why not try to recycle cardboard by yourself? Start building! Drawers, organizers in which to store old clothes or simply to put away for the much-hated change of season. So practical to help us find the desired space in the house or garage.

    And if you have imagination and a little manual dexterity, you can recycle moving boxes into a beautiful coffee table or a bedside table next to the bed, an excellent idea especially for students away from home who want to furnish their room, giving it a personalized touch.

    The great difference of sizes and ease in processing, availability and decoration of this material, offers us, therefore, a wide range of creative possibilities, the important thing is only to give space to your imagination.

    Many types of packaging can be used, for example, rolls of kitchen paper or toilet paper, shoe boxes, cardboard trays, but also food packagings such as cookies or even better egg cartons.

    Recycle cardboard to make “green” toys for children

    Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

    If, on the other hand, you are not interested in furniture and you have children at home, cardboard can be very well used for the making of toys:

    • dollhouses
    • castles
    • colored dolmens
    • animals
    • puzzles
    • board games
    • toy cars
    • toy trains and tracks with stations
    • boats
    • even real planes, all perfectly green and free

    And why not make them with their help? Manual skills develop the creativity and imagination of children, so decorating and assembling cardboard as if it were a game could be a real opportunity to combine the useful with the enjoyable.

    If we then find ourselves in the festival period, fun and colourful masks or real helmets can be made.

    But that’s not all, you can make-up stationery items that will help keep your children’s keeping the desks tidy such as pen holders or colour boxes, educating them about the organization and orderly storage of their school supplies.

    The use of cardboard in a house, moreover, creates different results: it stands out for its simplicity, but, at the same time, it draws attention, creating protagonism if painted with bright colours or particular designs.

    Even contemporary artists have opted to make art-works out of cardboard and paper cartons. In this matter, we can mention the American artist Kiel Johnson, who has exhibited in many art galleries and has been awarded several prizes for his highly artistic work and his way of shaping the material.

    Furthermore, cardboard is a material that can be recycled many, many times, here is a video that explains in a simple and fast way the cycle and stages of the recycling process of cardboard materials once thrown away, so if you just do not want to re-use with the “do it yourself” creative cardboard, always remember to make the separate collection:

    How to recycle cardboard boxes to create home decor and accessories

    Furniture made from paper cartons? That’s right, find out how to do it!

    First of all, a box can be transformed into a “do-it-yourself” lamp; all you need to do is get a box, choose the size you like, cut out the bottom and make a hole in the top. After that, you have to create slits in the shape of a small house on both sides and then cover the box with coloured paper, scraps of fabric or old tights. Get a lamp holder in a DIY store, and insert it into the top of the box and finally screw the bulb on top.

    Shoe rack. To store shoes, nothing is more uncomfortable than … shoeboxes stacked! Without room to lift, the lids end up breaking, and getting the shoes out of the boxes turns into an impossible task. Adjusted in the right way, however, shoe boxes can be transformed into a super functional shoe rack. How? Simply remove one of the two smaller side faces and two small triangles from both of the larger side faces, then arrange the boxes next to each other and glue them together, as if they were the containers of a desk filing cabinet. 

    Once you’ve placed the lids on the boxes-slightly shifted back to make it easier to insert the shoes-you can use them as a base to create a second row on the top shelf, and so on. If the boxes are all different, before assembling the shoe rack, line them with wrapping paper or wrapping paper, depending on your taste!

    Squares decoration. With the lids of cardboard boxes, you can easily make an original set of coloured squares of different shapes and sizes, to hang on the wall to brighten up a dull corner. Cover them with coloured paper, paint them or decorate them with stickers or stencils.

    Want to recycle carton box without a lid? You can cut strips and glue them together to form giant letters with which to decorate the walls of the children’s room!

    Wall cabinets and bookcases. How to recycle cardboard boxes to make mini wall units or bookcases? Nothing simpler. To make wall cabinets, get the most solid boxes, remove the lid, paint them externally in white and internally in a pastel colour, then hang three or four on the wall – close together – with sturdy support. Here are original wall units in design to display your items… the lighter ones!

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    Recycle moving boxes to make a bookcase

    To build a mini bookcase, nevertheless, take a large box, cut out from the lid two rectangular shelves to be glued inside and cover everything with a paper of different patterns. Put up the bookcase and arrange on the shelves. Add small boxes and baskets to organize your things.

    Another great way to recycle cardboard is to make eco-friendly cardboard coasters. Gather your paper cartons and decorative duct tape, also a good pair of scissors. That’s all you need to make these drink coasters on the fly. Cut the cardboard the shape you like, paint on it anything you like. Tip use: protect the floor—these also make great furniture sliders!

    Paper cartons, perhaps the ones used to pack peeled tomatoes, are very useful for keeping closets tidy.

    Large cardboard boxes become excellent containers for storing toys, magazines or anything else that needs space. You will need fabric to cover them and then belts, to make strong handles, and bolts to secure them. The result is very decorative.

    Even cereal boxes can be recycled creatively and become excellent organizers for drawers, furniture, photo frames, envelopes and whatever your imagination can suggest.

    Recycle cardboard to make DIY scratching post for your cat.

    How to recycle cardboard into a beautiful scratching post for your scratchy cat? It’s not difficult, you just need a little craftsmanship, patience, and the right tools.

    If your cat won’t leave your furniture alone, and you want to have fun making an easy kitty scratching post, here’s how to do it.

    DIY scratching post for cats: how to make it
    For a cat scratching is a territorial instinct, in fact, through scratching the cat marks its territory with its smell.

    If you want to recycle cardboard and prevent kitty from scratching your sofa or furniture, you can make a scratching post all for it.

    It doesn’t end here: you can create countless crafts with recycled boxes, even for your children!

    How to decorate paper cartons and entertain your children

    Your children’s room is a disaster and they do not want to hear to arrange the games scattered around the room? Don’t worry. Just turn tidying up into a game and recycle cardboard at the same time!

    Get some paper cartons, those of fruit or snacks will be great, and have your kids have fun colouring them. They will also be much more stimulated to organize their games and keep them in order. Everything in its place, then, is a fun way: the small daily duties will seem lighter.

    Recycle cardboard into real games that will drive your children crazy: here’s how to decorate cardboard boxes for children, to give them the appearance of appliances or other child-sized objects!

    How to recycle cardboard boxes to make toys?

    recycle cardboard, how to recycle cardboard, recycle moving boxes, recycle carton box, paper cartons
    Image by cuilei2016 from Pixabay

    Make the mini-car! To recycle moving boxes, paste on its outer faces – front and back, small baking ramekins, aluminium and coloured paper: these will be the lights of the DIY car. Draw the license plate on the back and the door handles on the side faces. Now glue the bottom of a plastic bottle to the centre of a coloured plastic plate: here is a nice steering wheel with horn, to be glued on the inside of one of the two closing flaps of the box. Let the child sit in the box and… off you go!

    How about a washing-machine toy? With a box cutter, make a circular opening on one side of the box, without completely removing the circle cut out. On the contrary, cut away the central part and then cover it with a sheet of transparent paper: here is the porthole of the washing machine! 

    Now all you have to do is draw the top of the detergent drawer, the numbers of the programs and paste two or three ramekins in place of the knobs and … let the fake washing begin!

    Need more ideas how to recycle cardboard? Make a cardboard kitchen.

    If children want to have fun “playing grown-ups”, you can build a nice miniature kitchen using cardboard boxes; it will then be sufficient to complete everything with curtains made with scraps of recycled fabric and set up with the pots and pans already present among the toys of the little ones.
    Here’s how to decorate cardboard boxes for kids and make a cute little kitchen consisting of a stove and sink. You’ll need two large boxes, to decorate and then put close together.

    To build the mini gas stove, take a big box and cut an opening in one of the larger sides, like a door; cut away the central part and cover it with transparent plastic: here is the oven! 

    On the top, then, glue four CDs to create the fires and use the lid of the box to make the lid of the kitchen. Fix it with glue on the shelf and apply some hooks to hang the pots and pans: now put your kids on the stove! In another cardboard box of the same height as the first, open a circular slot in which to set a basin; use the two closing flaps to replicate the cabinet doors below the sink, et voila, here’s where to wash the dishes after cooking!

    And then the houses, phones, musical instruments and much more.

    Ideas for covering  paper cartons. More ways to recycle carton box

    Fabric and ribbons; wrapping or gift paper, even in variously combined cuttings for a fun patchwork effect; stickers and washi tape to finish the corners; decoupage with newspaper sheets or glossy pages of fashion magazines: the ideas for covering a cardboard box, internally and externally, are endless!

    After covering it, giving free rein to your imagination, what to do with paper cartons so decorated? Depending on the size, the uses are countless: if it is small, it becomes a pen holder, a pocket emptier, a jewelry box or a sewing basket; if it is large, a container to keep clothes and accessories in the closet in order; if it is lined with waterproof fabric on the inside, a picnic basket; if it is covered with rope on the outside, a bread basket; with holes made in the front, a practical organizer for electrical cables.

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