That lavender oil it was an excellent remedy to relax and make a foot bath I knew it, but that it is also good for healing muscle pain it was a surprise to me!

Yesterday morning I woke up, actually, I couldn’t wake up at all, because of a bad neck ache, up to the right head side.

As I enjoyed a night out with my friends, I thought the reason for this evil pain was that I am getting older and can’t manage to party hard anymore, shaking up my bum all night long and wearing a tank top but, actually, I was wrong. Com’on I am still young, right?

So, it must have been a too intense yoga session. Nope, it was actually very gentle.

Why do I feel like I am eighty years old, then?

I realized that I’ve been sitting too much lately, typing, checking emails, writing on the computer, clicking, scrolling up and down. And I do all these activities by only using my right hand! Here it is, this is the real problem. Also, being seated on a chair for eight hours, or longer, with all my body stuck in an awkward position, of course, might have caused this “pain in the neck”.

Seriously, my friends, how many of you work on a computer all day long without taking a break, a short walk or, why not, doing little yoga poses right at your desk (don’t worry, your colleague won’t think you are a freak)? I guess very few! I myself don’t do it, although I am a lucky one that works from home and I am free to go on a break whenever I wish (if I don’t forget to do so).

With my neck stuck in pain, I call my mum to ask for help and, as if she were a doctor, she prescribed me to take painkillers (she still thinks that pharmaceutical companies help people). What?? No way! I am going to poison my body with ibuprofen and the likes.

Suddenly, I remember I have my naturopathy and natural remedies book somewhere on my bookshelves and I felt confident that I’d have found rescue on Mother Earth.

Well, there it is, easy breezy! This clean, floral and fresh oil has many health benefits, including eliminate nervous tension and relieve pain. This is the one, I thought!

Luckily, I had bought this fantastic Lavender Essential oil and I still got some, so, a few minutes later I was blending few drops of pure essential lavender oil to a carrier oil (jojoba oil).

I waited for my boyfriend to come back from work and, although is not very keen to giving a massage (he likes to receive it, though), I find that his hands have a healing power on me (oh, l’amour!), so I asked him to massage the oil blending over my neck and trapezius muscle and, then, I placed a hot water bottle on the affected area.

The effect was pretty immediate! The anti-inflammatory and analgesic action of lavender essential oil was relieving my sore muscle and neck ache in a very little time! I thought it was a placebo, so I went to bed and waited for the sun to rise but this morning when I woke up, I was able to turn my head without look like Robocop! The pain was gone!

Now, whether my boyfriend touches were highly effective or lavender essential oil was miraculous, I am thankful to both!

What I understood from this experience is that:

  • Mother Earth always provides us with natural remedies
  • We don’t need to use chemicals and drugs to heal our bodies
  • We must to listen to our body and take care of it
  • Even if working on a desk with an asshole boss next to you, your health comes first
  • Look for a boyfriend with masseurs’ skills

With love,

The Greenders