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The Greenders deals with all issues related to Ecology and Environment: news, updates, regulations and advice on everything related to sustainability, from sustainable mobility to energy saving, from renewable energy to environmental issues that affect the world-system.

We serve a highly-engaged readership of people seeking to better care for themselves and the environment, their communities, and the planet.

Stay up to date on laws, technologies, research and studies of the sector and discover all the most important news on the environmental issue. Being informed is a duty and, at the same time, a pleasure and an opportunity, to make the world greener, cleaner and healthier but also to minimize waste and reduce household expenses of electricity and gas in a simple way and without sacrificing.

The field of Ecology and Sustainability is constantly changing, lives on innovation and progress and The Greenders will be here to document everything, in the most timely and effective way possible!

Would you like to publish Green articles? Would you like to collaborate with us or publish a guest post about ecology and environment? Contact us, we are curious to know you and what you have to tell us.

Thank you, dear reader, for your interest in sustainable living.

I love what I find here. I was able to slowly reduce my plastic waste and electricity bill. AMAZING! Keep it up guys!
Mila Kunit

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